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Helping creative, craft, art, photography and design businesses flourish since 2013 

The best creative businesses are handcrafted with love, care and attention.

Yes, that’s the same love, care and attention you already give to each and every product and service you offer.

I am here to show you how you can craft a profitable business ensuring your creative business can flourish today and in the future too.

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“Nicola has transformed my business.  

Transformed is a big word but its not big enough to adequately describe the difference she has made…

I’m gaining the reputation I dreamed about when I first started this journey… I know with Nicola’s help I will be successful.”

Melanie, Mel’s Nimble Thimble

“The course [Make Your Way To Success] has been a massive eye opener for me!

Thank you Nicola for the great opportunity to learn from you! ”

Anna, Shicori – crafted with love

“Nicola Smith is one of the most helpful, fantastic people I know.

If you are a handcrafter and in business and want to be taken seriously you need a Nicola Smith!”

Sara, Mitcheldean Soap

“I can vouch for this lady and her courses. She’s fab and has taught me so much.

I joined Nicola’s group [Creative Business Club] after wondering for months if I should. I knew what I had to do but never had any plan in place. After watching videos and putting things in motion I noticed results. I joined the group and have seen really good results.

Then I took the  course ‘Make Your Way To Success’. I learnt who I was targeting and how to find those people. That was the key to everything.

The group is so friendly and helpful I would never leave it. They are also honest. They won’t tell you ‘yes that’s wonderful’ and humour you, which is exactly what I needed.

I seriously would recommend this [Creative Business Club] group to anyone”

Rachelle, Love Rachelle

“Hi Nicola, Just want to thank you for believing in us and giving us such great support, guidance and advice (and the occasional kick up the backside!).

Since being totally fearful about putting myself out there on social media, and consistently marketing my work, my followers and subscribers are slowly creeping up in numbers, and orders are coming in.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor will my business, but it is growing, and I am getting braver.

Just wanted to say that and thank you! … Brilliant value. I don’t think I’d still be going without your advice and support.”

Liz, By Elizabeth Hill