What is A Handcrafted Business Members Club?

If you have a question about running an online creative business, you will find the answer in
the A Handcrafted Business Members Club.

Marketing know-how and tips and tricks, pricing your products, all the legal stuff, building your own website, using Etsy (or any other online platform) Search Engine Optimisation, blogging, planning and fitting everything in,  using Social Media platforms to their full effect, email marketing, improving your photographs, writing amazing product descriptions, and WOW the list goes on and on!

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at! Whatever you need you to know, when you need to know it, at your own pace.

And the best part, it all happens in a really friendly, super supportive community, exclusively for creative business owners.

It is your go to place for help and support, and also to vent and celebrate with people who understand!

What do you get as a Member?

A Handcrafted Business Members Club –  advice, guidance, support, inspiration and accountability you need to run your own fulfilling, creative (and sometimes crazy) business with:

*everyday access to your own business mentor

*access to every single marketing class in the truly useful training library in the Membership area as soon as you join

*plus TWO live Q&A sessions a month where you can ask all the questions you need and get sensible, nonsense answers; no question is too silly!

*new, regular mini marketing tutorials to inspire you, motivate you, educate you, and keep you up to date in this wonderful online business world.  

*access to our wonderful community (my favourite Facebook Group) full of independent inspirational creative business owners just like you for support, guidance, craziness and friendship.

* With VIP Membership only: an individual (at least 90 minute) one to one coaching session each month; for rocket power!

I asked the members the best words to describe the club…

Secret Weapon | Welcoming | Supportive | Immensely Helpful |  Friendly | Reassuring | Knowledgeable | Community | Honest | Results | Advice | Value | Brilliant | Confidence | Answers | Creative | Business | Increased Sales | Fun | Phenomenal | Investment | Recommend | Success | Like-minded | Safe | Focus | Accountable | Passion | Business Mentor

(A few of the words current Members use to describe the Club)

There are just three ways you can join this amazing Members Club:

1. Pay As You Go each month. Simple.  Easy.  With no tie in or contract.

2. Annual Membership.  You only pay for 10 months of the year!  (The only way to get in cheaper)

3. VIP Membership.  For when you need that extra special one to one support.

Simply pick the best option for you, and let’s get started!

What Members say….

The Handcrafted Business Club is everything I need for business advice. Nicola is extremely knowledgeable and has an answer for everything, and the community is second to none.
Victoria Sol, 

A group of like-minded small business owners sharing our business knowledge to help each other achieve better results and grow.
Alison Heath, Bobbin Girl

The Handcrafted club is such a great troop of crafters who are passionate about their business and making them grow. With Nicola’s support and guidance, she keeps us on track with our ups and downs and the members are all amazing supporting one another through their journey.
Evelyne Sydric, Bridal De Vine

 A place where those small business owners struggling alone in the dark can be introduced to the support, information and like minded people willing to help each other.
The light at the end of the tunnel.

Mark S-Wilson, Shirt Back And Sides

I wouldn’t still be going if it wasn’t for this group. It provides encouragement, support, guidance, and Nicola you make us believe in ourselves when those doubting Dora moments kick in. Not only that but you teach us loads about marketing, pricing etc, and encourage us to be professional and the best we can be.
Liz Hill, By Elizabeth Hill

It’s the back row of the classroom, with some of my best mates.
And the lovely teacher who puts up with the silliness because she sees our potential and loves what she does.
Lisa Carter, Cosy Cushions

A safe place to ask your business related questions and get sensible, balanced answers, where you can draw on the experience of other members as well as Nicola who makes even complicated legislation easy to deal with
Jane Galley, Loopy’s Place

A place to ask silly questions but get great answers. Full of fellow small business owners on a mission to follow a dream.
Vicki Smith, Creations – where ideas come alive

I was feeling like I couldn’t see the woods for the trees before I joined. I didn’t know how to market and didn’t know how to best use my time doing it. I still have lots to learn and know I’m in the best place to do that learning!! Also the support is amazing!
Vicki Gregory, Miss Gregory’s Gorgeous Gifts

Nicola Smith has been and is the most supportive business mentor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. There is something about Nicola’s style of teaching that makes things easier to understand and take action on. OK, i may not always like what she says or advises but at the end of the day my success is her success. At the end of the day I lover her and the other people in the group that have been by my side through my many down times but also my up times. I don’t think i could have kept going with my business if it hadn’t been for Nicola and the other great people in the group.
Jim Laver, Sweet Aroma’s

The best decision and investment I’ve ever made with my business was to join the Members Club. Without Nicola I would still be running around like a headless chicken, getting nowhere. I’ve learnt how to work ‘on’ my business as well as ‘in’ it. I’ve recently upgraded to VIP membership, which is worth every penny, and I wish I’d done it sooner.
Teri Bagnall, Teri B Fantasy Crafts

 The help and support that Nicola gives each and every one of us is phenomenal. 
Perry Noon, Thimbles and Thumbs

The membership club is having a positive impact on my business. Being held accountable, in a lovely happy environment, is working wonders for keeping me focused and on track.
Nicky Merrick, Pink Giraffe

I just tell you what my husband told me one day: “that business group with that lady works! I can see you business is doing well and you are not that lazy anymore”. 
Michela Ciprini, The Italian Seamstress

I don’t mention the group to people because it’s like a secret weapon. I just tell them about you and say that you’re my business mentor. 
Louise Lockhart, Thistle Dub Ewe

It’s a lovely handcrafted club to be in, you can be yourself and there is lots of support from you Nicola and the group to help you through the bad and good. I wouldn’t be where l am today without the group. Thank you.
Paula Sloan, Beauty In Welsh/Surprise Colourful Gifts

Can’t come up with anything that hasn’t already been said!!
Sharron Barton, Losana B

If you have a bigger dream for your creative business, if you want to run your own business but find some parts a bit scary, if you need friendly, personal support for your creative business – including getting your marketing sussed, making money (which starts with fair pricing!), being legal, website/platform support, techy advice, and virtually everything else you need with everyday community support (running your own business doesn’t have to be lonely!) – this is for you!