Way back in 2003, I, Nicola Smith, started a (very successful) creative business making and selling handmade stationery, mainly for weddings and funerals.  (A strange mix but it worked well!)  It was a chance to fulfill my creative streak and escape the corporate world.

After a few years of running my successful business, something had to give.  (I had two very young children with an eighteen-month age gap, neither of whom liked sleeping.) I was a walking, talking zombie, so I decided to ease back on the business.

However I had fallen in love with the online side of my business, so I carried on blogging and creating websites and looking for other ways to fill the space in my heart where my business had been.

I loved offering advice and sharing everything I had learned.   I then also discovered the online world of teaching and coaching.   I was inspired! This was the dream I didn’t know I had had!

All the advice and help with marketing I was giving, including how to attract potential customers to get more sales and make money, as well as photography tips to talented and skilled makers, designers, creators and artists, suddenly all made sense.

And so, A Handcrafted Business was founded in 2013.

A Handcrafted Business is the place where creative and artistic people get the support they need to run their own successful business.

Prior to 2003:
I worked as a photographer photographing anything from busy Prime Ministers to cheeky school children, to taking advertising shots for Saatchi and Saatchi and for local businesses, and PR work.  I also taught photography for the Adult Education department at the local college.

From there I moved into running marketing departments at an award winning college followed by an international Foster Care Agency, creating successful advertising campaigns, getting articles in newspapers, radio and on television (including writing press releases for the then local MP and Home Secretary), creating business newsletters,  generating new business and leads, building reputations and became Chartered Institute Of Marketing qualified  … there isn’t much I haven’t  done!

But beyond that, I know that for any marketing to be successful, the person behind needs to be confident and have self-belief.  This is something which artists, makers and clever creative people particularly really struggle with.

So, when you work with me you discover all the marketing skills you need but most importantly you also grow in confidence and discover your true value.

My motto is, Make Believe To Succeed!

Much love, Nicola x